Building Access FAQs

How do I request building access for vendors?

You must submit a Building Access Form and provide a certificate of insurance (COI) for your vendor. The management office may have a current COI on file for your vendor. Feel free to check with the office before requesting one from your vendor.

How far in advance should I submit an access form?

Access forms should be submitted at least 24 hours in advance of access request. Some scope of work
requires additional review time. To help ensure access approval, please submit access forms as soon as
you have a scheduled work date. Submitted forms do not guarantee access. You must receive
written confirmation or approval for the request.

When can I schedule a pickup or delivery for bulk items such as furniture?

Bulk items should be delivered afterhours during the times below.
Monday to Friday: Between 6pm & 7am
Saturday & Sunday: Any time

What is the loading dock clearance height?

13 Feet, 3 Inches

What is the maximum trailer length for the loading dock?

45 Feet Trailer

Can vendors park in the loading dock while they work?

The Loading Dock is limited to 30-minute parking for deliveries and pick-ups. Vendors are responsible for
paying for their parking in the Parking Garage, on Easement Drive, or by other means.

Can I bring pallets or pallet jack up the freight?

Pallets and pallets jacks are not allowed on the freight elevator.

How many delivery bays are there?

There are three bays, one with a lift gate.

Can I use the passenger elevators to move bulk items?

No, the freight elevator should be used for all large moves.

What is the dimension of the freight elevator?

5’ wide x 8’ deep x 10’ high
Hatch: 12’9” high
Door opening: 96” x 42”