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Vendor Building & Loading Dock
Access Requirements

1. Complete Building Access Form

2. Provide Certificate of Insurance (COI)

Building Access Form & COI Requirements should be obtained and submitted to charlotteplaza@foundrycommercial.com

Contact Management Office at 704.376.4186 for any questions

Loading Dock Access Guide

Building Address

Charlotte Plaza
201 South College Street
Charlotte, NC 28244

Loading Dock Address

218 E. 4th Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Entrance to the Dock

Intercom and gated entrance is located on 4th street, before South
College Street on the left, after Charlotte Plaza Parking Garage.

Clearance Height

13 Feet 3 Inches, Maximum length, 45 Feet Trailer

Loading Dock Access & Delivery FAQs

What is the loading dock clearance height?

13 Feet, 3 Inches

What is the maximum trailer length for the loading dock?

45 Feet Trailer

When can I deliver furniture or bulk items?

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Can I park in the loading dock while I work?

The Loading Dock is limited to 30-minute parking for deliveries and pick-ups. Vendors are responsible for paying for their parking in the Parking Garage, on Easement Drive, or by other means.

Can I bring pallets or pallet jack up the freight?

Pallets and pallets jacks are not allowed on the freight elevator.

How many delivery bays are there?

There are three bays, one with a lift gate.

Can I use the passenger elevators to move bulk items?

No, the freight elevator should be used for all large moves.

What is the dimension of the freight elevator?

5’ wide x 8’ deep x 10’
high Hatch: 12’9” high
Door opening: 96” x 42”