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Telecom Work Requirements

Before Installation

  1. Schedule a pre-installation site survey with a building engineer prior to scheduling the installation. Building engineer will help you determine an approved pathway and review your scope of work during this meeting.
  2. Provide Building Management with a current certificate of insurance, required for installation work only, not forsite survey.
  3. Scheduling of installation work should only occur after a building engineer has provided approval for the scopeof work and pathway based on the pre-installation site survey meeting. Completed site surveys do notguarantee approval of installation.

During Installation

  1. Tag/Label all lines on every floor of the installation.
  2. Fire stopping should be installed wherever a line penetrates the ceiling, floor, or wall on both sides.
  3. Equipment exclusively for an individual tenant’s use shall not be installed in the common area or building telecom room. All tenant equipment shall be installed within a tenant’s space only.
  4. Service elevators should be used to travel between floors. Passengers elevators use is prohibited.
  5. All debris and cabling remnants from the installation shall be removed after the installation.
  6. All work area/telecom rooms should be left in broom clean condition.

After Installation

  1. Depending on the scope of work, a post-installation site survey may be required to be completed. A building engineer will schedule this with you should the scope of work require it.

Telecom Request Form

Telecom Access FAQs

Do I need to submit a Certificate of Insurance?

You must submit a Building Access Form and provide a certificate of insurance (COI) for your vendor. The management office may have a current COI on file for your vendor. Feel free to check with the office before requesting one from your vendor.

How far in advance should I submit an access form?

Access Forms should be submitted at least 24 hours in advance of access request. Telecom requests typically requires additional review time. To help ensure access approval, please submit access forms as soon as you have a proposed work date. Submitted forms do not guarantee access. You must receive written approval for the request.

Is a site survey required before installation work can be scheduled?

Yes, you must schedule a pre-installation site survey with a building engineer prior to scheduling installation work to review the pathway and scope of work. Site survey completion does not guarantee approval of work. In some cases, due to the scope of work, a post-installation site survey may be required.

What are the approved working hours for a site survey and cabling installation?

Site survey should be completed Monday to Friday between 8am to 4pm. Cabling installation work may be scheduled after a site survey has been completed and the pathway and scope of work have been approved by a building engineer. The hours of work will be provided during the preinstallation site survey based on the scope of work.

Can I park in the Loading Dock while I work?

The Loading Dock may be used to drop off equipment for the installation and is limited to 30-minute parking during this process. The Building does not provide complimentary parking. Extended parking is available for a fee in the Charlotte Plaza Parking Garage or on Easement Drive.

How do I access the building?

Vendors should access the building via the loading dock located in the Basement. Building Security will check you in and provide access to designated floors. A Photo ID is required for all individuals checking in.

How do I access the Loading Dock?

Charlotte Plaza’s loading dock entrance is located off 4th Street, directly after the Parking Garage.

Who can I contact for additional questions?

Please contact Building Management at charlotteplaza@foundrycommercial.com or call us at (704) 376-4186.

Can I use the passenger elevators to move bulk items?

No, the freight elevator should be used for all large moves.

What is the dimension of the freight elevator?

5’ wide x 8’ deep x 10’
high Hatch: 12’9” high
Door opening: 96” x 42”

Telecom Request Form